• Laundry Roll container

  • Multifunctional Display Stands

  • Checkstand display

  • Perforated Stands

Basic equipment
  • - Metal pocket/identification plate
  • - Rubber German castors of a high quality
  • - Adjustment of container
Additional options
  • - Shelf
  • - Foot kip
  • - Plastic plate covering mesh bottom
  • - Rubber belt
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Shopping stands of “Euro+” series designed to fit out the sales areas and shops of different formats and specializations.

Shopping stands “Euro+” have prefabricated construction, fast to assemble and disassemble.   

Can be completed with topper (with fluorescent lights), front edges for the shelves, plastic price tags, and front panel.   

Stands are covered with powder coating RAL 9016 (white). But any changes of the colour are possible according to RAL palette.

  • Modularity – in other words the display designed as a set of standard elements from which you can modulate different variants of the checkstand display as from the LEGO.

  • Flexibility – possibility to make some configuration changes of the display according to the changes in demand on products and assortment.

   The main peculiarity of the stand is perforation presence on the back panels. Perforation holes placed in the stated order allow hanging the hooks and holders for different goods: chips, salad dressings, snacks. Often such stands are located in household chemicals and durable goods department, hanging different products on them: razors, powders, tools etc.

   Modularity allows completing the stand with other stands in a row of shopping stalls, making the common style of the sales area in the shop. It’s also effective to complete the universal stands with perforated back panels at the upper part of the stand, leaving standard shelves in the bottom row. Fitting equipment combined in such a way could be used for laying out different types of goods, that is very convenient in small shops.

   Polymer coating, spread on the metal stand elements, saves it from scratches and extends its working lifespan.

Laundry Roll Containers

Roll containers are the most necessary service equipment whether at a dry-cleaning, small laundry facilities or production sites. Laundry roll containers prevent clothes from wear-out and help keep it at good condition for longer term.

Roll cages are made from the following materials: stainless steel, plastic, coated ferrous metal. Base frame and sidewalls of a roll container can be made of different materials. Each type of roll container has its advantages.   

  • Roll containers with plastic base frame are lighter than those with metal base frames, though metal base frame is more durable.
  • Roll containers made of ferrous metal can be electro-galvanized or coated with polymeric powder (paint-coated). Paint-coated roll cages exposed to shearing distortions and as a result of it – corrosion.
  • Most optimal material for laundry roll containers by quality-price ratio is electro-galvanized metal.
  • Stainless steel roll containers are durable but the price range is quite high. 

Laundry roll containers can be 2-3-4-sided and of various sizes.

The range of accessories for roll containers is defined by the functionality:

  • Doors of different types:

– hinged doors

– folding doors

– doors that can function as shelves

  • Metal pockets for paper documents and/or identification magnets.  
  • Roll container base frame can be made of:

– sheet metal  

– wire mesh

  • Roll container can be fitted with foot kip to facilitate curbs passing
  • Can be supplied with different castors types

– of various diameter

– of various materials

– with/without treadguards.